3 Saving Tips for Online Shopping

Search coupons and get discounts
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Shopping is a bit of a relaxing hobby for me, which is sometimes troubling for the bank balance.

Search the keyword “Online Saving Shopping Tips” and there are massive of ideas for saving money when shopping online. Do you want to save money when shopping your favorite US brands online from Malaysia? Here’s exactly how you can do it. Surely, uncontrolled or unplanned online shopping from overseas will increase your credit card bills. However, you can still save more if you shop wisely.

Let me list out all possible costs when shopping overseas items via online:

  • Item’s Price
  • Sales Tax (Read info about Sales Taxes in the USA)
  • Domestic Delivery and International Shipping Costs
  • Customs duties and import sales taxes

These costs exclude the travel-related costs if you shop while travelling overseas. Well, if you are on tight budget or not having much time to travel, online shopping will be the cheaper way to enjoy your favorite brands from overseas.

1. Buy More to Save More from The Same Store

You can save a lot on the local delivery fee or you can get free delivery for a certain purchase amount. However, not everyone affords to make a volume purchase. You may drop in your Shopping Request wishlist, so we can purchase it for you and combine your order with other shoppers.

2. Compare Prices and Get the Best Deals that Save You More Money

For general items such as electronics and accessories, they are available in most online stores. For instance Amazon, eBay, Google Express, Best Buy, New Egg, Belk, and many more. As a good buyer, take your time to search and compare prices for the items you would like to buy.

3. Coupons Will Save Your Pocket!

Why buy at full price, when you can use discounted coupons?

Use Ebates every time you check out. If you haven’t heard of Ebates, it’s a website where you can get cash back on most online purchases and couple them with coupons. You just click a button at check out, and it’ll give you an automatic rebate as well as add any coupon codes to stack discounts before submitting your order. 

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