How to Shop Your Favorite US Brands from Malaysia?

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Most people think that shopping overseas items are costly. Is that true?

Yes, it is true that buying items from overseas will burst your monthly budget. However, it is not entirely true if you know how.

Let me list out all possible costs when shopping overseas items via online:

  • Item’s Price
  • Sales Tax (Read info about Sales Taxes in the USA)
  • Domestic Delivery and International Shipping Costs
  • Customs duties and import sales taxes

These costs exclude the travel-related costs if you shop while travelling overseas. Well, if you are on tight budget or not having much time to travel, online shopping will be the cheaper way to enjoy your favorite brands from overseas. started its shopping and shipping services in July 2018 specialized for Malaysian shoppers who wish to purchase items from the USA.

We’ll help you buy items from the USA on deep discount, then ship your packages for low rates to Malaysia. You may also use our user-friendly shipping calculators to get the estimates for international shipping costs.

Here is a simple diagram for you to understand the steps to shop USA Brands through

Shop On Your Own: You purchase the products from online USA stores and we will ship them to Malaysia

Shop On Your Behalf: We fulfill your personal shopping requests and ship them to Malaysia

Shop On Your Own
The switcher are working. Please, note, that you have to add a template to the library in order to be able to display it inside the switcher.

Average transit times for local delivery in the USA is usually in 3-7 business days. The average transit times for international shipping from the USA to Malaysia is usually between 5-7 business days (Standard Shipping) and 8-14 business days (Economy Shipping). This includes the domestic delivery time within most cities in Malaysia. 

The Malaysia Duty/Tax Free amounts are the declared value of your shipment which duty and tax will not apply. For Malaysians, you are able to import shipments with a total declared value of less than RM 500, without paying a duty or tax.

As the busy USA shopping season moves closer, it is good practice to review the list of items you can’t legally ship to Malaysia. This will give you a general idea of what is and is not permitted. 


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